What is Intuitive Art or automatic drawing?

Intuitive art is a meditative medium technique where the artist or practitioner gets into a meditative state of mind or trance before working with the materials; using paper, coloured pencils, crayons, paint etc.

After the making and drying process of the artwork, the drawing or painting is analysed and observed for details and a better understanding of the artwork.
Water, water paint and ink are very sensitive for emotional energy and intentions, aura fields, bio-magnetic vibration and strong directed thoughts of a person.

Note that you can influence water, ink, paint, food, plants, trees, animals and all kind of materials by positive and negative thoughts and intentions

Vibration beyond consciousness and thoughts can show you interesting forms, colours and figures appearing spontaneously in the paint and ink.
The forms and figures shown in the paint are sometimes of help, realisation and advice.
So they are worked-out with black ink for a better understanding and visualizing.
The results are impressive.

Intuitive art used in a medium consultation

Intuitive art or also called automatic drawing in a medium consultation form is done, solo by the practitioner or 1 by 1 in a consultation session and practised for spiritual awareness and advise of the beyond for the reader or client. Getting in a trance before and making contact as a medium by drawing or writing (with the left or not writing hand) shows the practitioner advice and forms through the automatic drawing forms that naturally appears on the paper and analysed or read afterwards.

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