about me




My name is Elisabeth , I am a Spiritual artist, creative dynamic therapis and spiritual advisor.

Through the 30 years of working as an artist, social worker, advisor, creative dynamic therapist, and now as a devotional artist and designer for the last 10 years, I think I ‘ve got my experience;  working as such and as much with so many beautiful youngsters and all kind of different people on my own
and their personal,  individual, emotional and spiritual journey.
I love it!    all my passions as a spiritual artist.

I already have realized so many times my dreams and  ideals in life,
that I have to overlook regurarely for new dreams and ideals in my life,
the preverence every day. Am I up-dated? For new stages of my life?

This requires to overlook constantly and searching for new new ideas and projects, fresh inspiration, lucid dreams, opportunities and warm and interesting desires.

  • I believe that overlooking and reflecting constantly my  daily life, sayings and doings; will keep me young, healthy, alert, fresh, up-going and strong to live the utmost of every precious moment of my life-time here on earth.

And that is the most funny and nice part renewing your dreams and goals in life over and over again.

I think I have an open and dynamic liberal approach to the so many personal possibilities and difficulties people can experience and endure during their life-time. tThis to increase their spirituality and their abilities to grow and develop their talents, capacities and creativity in life. Learning every moment the utmost.

As a spiritual fine artist and advisor,  I like to have an broad minded and a more empathic and high – sensitive way of dealing with possibilities, problems and matters.

My personal vision in life is:

“Go, open minded and search and discover  your passions, talents and personal strength in life.
What you can do today don’t leave it for tomorrow.
Try to find a deeper understanding of persons , things and nature/
Help others always as much as you can”

Ask yourself;
in a way of self- reflection and possibillity to inner-growth these important life questions:

Who am I?
Where am I coming from?
Why am I here? and
Where am I going to?

Do you have some personal or important questions that you woud like to share with me or do you think that I can help you with something?
Please feel yourself free to get in contact and ask your questions,
by email; info@atelierpranava.com or go to the contactform at the contact in the menu.

Thank you for reading this
and have a very good and free life