CD – Creative Dynamic Therapy, life-coaching and Counselling

Welcome at the Creative Dynamic Therapy, life-coaching and counselling page of Atelier Pranava

The following CD therapy, life-coaching and counselling sessions are available;

Creative Dynamic p- CD therapy and coaching for children 6 – 13 years
4 sessions each of 1,5 hour
– inclusive Intake and advice CD therapy plan.

Creative Dynamic – CD counselling and coaching for youngsters
14 – 23 years – Who am I?
Creative dynamic counselling and advice for studies and work
6 sessions of 2 hours.
– Inclusive Intake advise personal CD creative dynamic counselling plan (1,5 h.)

Creative Therapy and counselling for adults 24 – 80 years
Find your passion and personal goals in life
4 sessions of 1,5 h.
– Inclusive Intake advice and therapy plan (2 hr)

Do you want to know if CD therapy and counselling can help you to find your personal goals and passions in your life?

Are you interested about one or more of these CD – Creative Dynamic therapy, life coaching and counselling sessions?

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