What is CD – Creative Dynamic therapy?

CD – Creative Dynamic therapy is a different more creative dynamic approach to coaching, counselling and psychotherapy.

Creative Dynamic therapy uses active meditation, mindful awareness and consciousness training, body exercise; varias types of yoga, dance and gardening, arts; painting and drawing, clay, stone, sand, practising music; singing and playing with sound, or discovering the images and experiences inside your own head that can help you and the therapist understand better your inner world and personal experiences.
Some sessions may be spent talking and listening and in other using the CD -art media is always a free choice.

Creative dynamic arts therapies are based on the idea that when someone works his inner world creatively under the guidance of a qualified  CD therapist, and counsellor becomes more expressive and easy in communicate about their ideas and feelings.

CD – Creative Dynamic art therapy is suitable for children, youngsters and adults both individually and in groups.